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Reevaluating Our Relationships ~ The Effects of Saturn in Libra

Posted on January 2, 2015 at 7:49 PM

Cupid’s arrow might feel more grounded this Valentine’s Day instead of airborne with fantasies of romantic love because his mother, Venus, the Goddess of Love,is receiving a visit from a teacher.
Venus, “Goddess of Love and Beauty,” is the ruler of the astrological sign, Libra. In astrology Libra is the domain of partnerships. It’s the place where the “I am” goes through the cycle to connect with the “we are.” Libra seeks balance. The sun’s entrance into Libra marks the degree of the Autumn Equinox. Fairness and justice are high priorities as shown by the symbol of the scales. Being ruled by Venus, Libra enjoys the arts and is attracted to beauty in many forms. Libra’s element is air, ruling the intellect.
Sounds good so far, beauty, love and partnerships, but even the Goddess Venus must meet with “the teacher” as she dances through the heavens ruling Libra and Taurus. Saturn is the teacher in astrology. Saturn transits through Libra from October 29, 2009 to October 5, 2012. This is a twenty-nine year cycle and will last about two and a half years.  During this time we are asked by the celestial influences to reevaluate our relationships and all things ruled by the Libra/Venus vibration. Saturn’s goal, as it transits, is to bring stability by being practical, dependable and responsible because these are the corner stones for building anything valuable in our lives. These actions will ground our efforts and in time with perseverance we will see the wisdom that Saturn brings.
As Saturn transits Libra we become more aware of inequalities in relating, personally and globally. Recently, the issues of bullying and gay rights in the military, as well as same sexpartner marriages have made headlines bringing to our awareness the injustice byintolerant states of mind. The Wiki Leaks will certainly call for responsible discipline with relationships. Libra wants harmony in relationships and the discipline of Saturn will call us to act with integrity and fairness. Libra’s soul mission is to put neither none above nor none below, but rather to walk side by side all individuals.
Libra’s polarity is Aries. Aries is the “I AM.” Libra is the “WE BALANCE.” As Saturn travels through Libra it will be in opposition to Aries. During this transit we are being called to acknowledge these opposites and consider; how do I stand in my own individuality as I merge deeply with others?  What is truly valuable to me in relationships since they are a mirror of the self? What serves the other, serves me. What serves me, serves the other because we are one.
The Lovers in Tarot tell us to have harmony we need to balance the masculine and feminine energies within. The feminine represents the inner voice, the intuition; the masculine is the ego or the ability to act on what we know. As we balance our lovers within, we balance our relationships without. Our first relationship is with the self/soul. The work is done on a personal level before we are ready to join with others. With Saturn in Libra it is now time to join with others in working toward harmonious relationships and to bring the opposites to the center where we unite as one. 

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